IP7 Compass

A patent software - just as powerful as you need it to be

Complex patent monitoring or high-speed patent search: Use the patent software IP7 Compass flexibly and specialized in your company. Simple, powerful and secure.

What IP7 Compass can do better

Powerful in application. Simple in operation

Manage complex data

Create your own patent database

Patent work is complex and patent data is delicate. With IP7 Compass, you manage the flood of information and refine the patents relevant to you with your own data. Only visible to you and the people you allow access to.

Use data in the best possible way

Create projects, evaluate and monitor patents

Only IP7 Compass can do that: Create projects with documents, search history, result lists, comments and more. Use documentation features and reminders for fast, efficient patent search and patent monitoring.

Patent work - a new approach

The software for your workflow

A patent rarely shows up by itself. You decide which family-based data, analysis and monitoring functions are relevant to you.

With IP7 Compass, you also control data processing and knowledge transfer across different people and departments.

Access enriched data

Patent search with powerful data

Up-to-date, reliable data is the basis for efficient patent work. With IP7 Compass, you use one of the largest patent databases in the world.

And not only that: We automatically evaluate legal status data and enrich the data with relevant information (patent valid, patent dead, etc.).

database assets

Discover the full potential of IP7 Compass for your patent monitoring and patent search now!

This is how you benefit from IP7 Compass

Network or standalone solution: Together we will find out which version of the patent software IP7 Compass is the right one for you.

For companies

For attorneys and law firms

For patent researchers


Efficient patent work

Search, find and monitor patents: With IP7 Compass, you manage patent work quickly and economically.

Modern user interface

A good software is simple, user-friendly - and is continuously optimized. Just like the IP7 Compass. Try it out.

Individual configuration

Network solution or standalone version: The IP7 Compass adapts to your requirements. Together we will work out the best solution for you.

Limitless access to data

Access 140 million patent documents from 100 countries in seconds (including 80 countries in full text). The data: always up-to-date and linked to legal status data.

Sophisticated technology -
Made in Germany

We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of patent software and information systems. The result: the IP7 Compass.

Personal consultation and support

You can talk to us in person: Our pros are located in Bavaria and are happy to advise you on the subject of patent software and IP7 Compass.

Maximum data protection

We store and process your data on servers in Germany and with great care. Our data center is ISO certified.

Talk to us about your ideal patent work

Personal consultation and support
Individual software configuration
Technology from Germany