IP7 Compass – Patent Search

In addition to accessing a world wide patent data content with reliable weekly updates, a modern patent search tool must fulfil many other requirements nowadays.

Starting with available search features, the display of results, the presentation of individual patents and also the analysis of individual patents or result lists. The administration of different patent searches and the traceability of results even after many years continues to be an important function. The creation of search reports and therefore the ability to pass these on to other users must also be provided by a modern patent search software.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, our system is especially defined by its flexible possibilities regarding the search and its user friendly handling. The IP 7 Compass adapts to your requirements. It provides you with the flexibility to change an initial patent search strategy to a completely new strategy, without losing the focus.


You are also able to follow multiple patent search strategies at the same time. Here, it is always ensured that you will not have to read the same document twice. The IP7 Compass provides you with all possibilities to detect alternative patent search strategies. Switching to the new strategy does not have to be performed by having to tediously re-create a completely new patent search. A few clicks in the result analysis will do the job!

By using patent search projects you can not only edit multiple patent searches at the same time, but your performed patent searches remain archived and can be edited or updated even after a long time.

Additional highlights

  • Search for owner (not only the applicant)
  • Selective search across document, application, simple family or extended family
  • Automatic determination of the “best readable” document
  • Reference ranking, full text ranking
  • Citation search with multiple levels as well as search for indirect citations
  • Simultaneous left and right truncation
  • Proximity Operators
  • Boost Operators
  • Search for regular expressions (e.g. 3-5 millimetres)
  • Automatic analysis of results with ad hoc filter functions without limitations
  • Semantic search (finds similar patents using a simple text or an existing patent)
  • Automatically performed searches (monitoring)
  • Search for granted, lapsed, published
  • Comfortable and fast synonym highlighting with automatic synonym detection directly from the search
  • Fast browsing with mosaic display

and much more.

In addition to State of the Art and FTO searches the IP7 Compass is also an ideal tool for monitoring searches. The IP7 Compass excels through the creation of very complex searches which hardly any limitations.

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