IP7 Patent Family and Legal Status Observation

Our family and legal status monitoring informs you reliably about new publications or changes in the legal status in the monitored patent family. Pre-defined filters like opposition, granted, lapsed, changes in applicant, country filters and many more simplify the selection of information important to you. This way you are only notified when an important event occurs. Simply by entering the number or by automatically including the patent via a defined workflow a patent can be transferred to the monitoring.


We save all changes to a patent in our database on a weekly basis. This way the history of a patent family can be displayed up to a time frame of 9 months (currently November 2017). Of course, this is also possible using filters like granted, lapsed, country filters, etc.

family and legal status monitoring

The family and legal status monitoring is part of the IP7 Compass and is not subject to any additional costs.

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