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Our modern search and competitor monitoring software supports you in the realisation of diverse tasks in the area of patent work. It enables you to set up search projects, work flows for patent monitoring, to define your own evaluation and comment fields, to set up tagging, to assign patents to a hierarchic folder structure, to analyse competitors, to observe comfortable patent family and legal status and much more.

By utilizing one single tool, the comments and evaluations remain available for multiple tasks. One patent, found via a search in our database containing approx. More than 120 Million patents, which is already contained in your stock is displayed instantly with all individually assigned information (comments, evaluations, assignations to folders, etc.).


By using specific search projects and monitoring tasks any task remains in the focus and the tasks can be processed by individuals or as a team.

The system is based on our own world wide patent database including approx. 120 Million patents from more than 100 countries. The database is updated on a weekly basis and contains, in addition to regular patent data like bibliographic data, original texts and full texts, also the legal status data of many countries.

Our modern architecture enables working with patent families as well as working with documents. We distinguish between the strict/simple patent family (technically equal patents) and the extended patent family (technically similar patents). The suitable display of the patent family can be selected for each task.

Different applications enable the utilization of the software for different user groups. Our IP7 Compass in its Advanced Edition is the preferred application for the patent professional while users with less experience use the Light or Web edition.

Our data processing centre, located in Munich is certified under ISO 27001 and meets the most modern security standards. Our software architecture was developed using the latest technologies and delivers results without limitation while using a modern user interface.

Reliability is our strength. Very high availability and regular, secure patent data updates distinguish us. Should you ever encounter any problems, there is always a 24/7 support team available which reacts immediately and informs you if necessary.

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