IP7 Technologies GmbH

IP7 Technologies GmbH

We are a patent software and patent data base provider, specialised in patent search and patent monitoring, as well as distribution and evaluation of patents in a company.

We are proud to present our new patent monitoring and search system, developed by our experienced team using latest technologies. With 20 years of experience in the development of patent information systems while implementing the latest technologies, our system is unique regarding usability, functionality and speed.

We offer the software as a search tool for patent researchers as well as a comfortable network solution for companies of all sizes.


Even though the basis of our data consists of more than 120 Million documents from more than 100 countries, our system does not have any boundaries.

Any number of results can be saved, combined or analysed.

Even the most complex search and monitoring queries are executed within a few seconds.

It is irrelevant whether the search is based on the patent family (strict / extended), the application or the documents. The result is ranked by relevance and is displayed in a clear manner.

Using the latest technology also opens new options regarding the search. In addition to the Boolean logic, our semantic search is based on the latest insights.

Indirect referencing and reference ranking will help you to find relevant patents better than ever.

This powerful and flexible patent system is controlled via an intuitive and appealing user interface.

The use of large or multiple screens is supported as well as the use of tablets with smaller, high resolution screens.

Our support team is happy to answer your questions fast and competent.

More information at “Patent Software”.

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