New Version IP7 Compass 20.9.0

The new version contains a lot of innovations and improvements.
Some major improvements are:

– A new tool for importing large lists of patent numbers
– New functions for creating searches
– Search for citation categories (e.g. X, Y citations)
– Display of result lists in tabular form
– A new word spacing operator
– Lots of new export options
– and much more

For more information on all new features and improvements, please visit: IP7_changes_20200920_EN

New version IP7 Compass 20.3.0

The new version essentially includes the following new features:

  • CLI-Search (Command Line Interface)
  • New graphical analysis – Applicant classification combination
  • History regarding folder assignment and additional fields

For more information on all new features and enhancements, visit:

IP7 changes 20.3.0 

New Version IP7 Web / IP7 Compass 19.12.3

In this last version for the year 2019, the full text data has been extended by numerous countries. Thus, numerous countries including machine translations have been added to the extended full text data. The countries include

  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Luxembourg
  • Israel

and many more. You can find further information at:

IP7_changes_ 20191222_EN