IP7 Patent Monitoring

One of our main emphasis when developing the architecture of our software was the realisation of defining and processing tasks and work flows in a company. Therefore the competitor monitoring is an important task to be performed. Competitor monitoring includes:

  • an efficient search component delivering complete and baggage-free results
  • automatic searches which detect which results were previously found and only reliably delivers new or changed patents (e.g. after a re-classification)
  • the definition and implementation of workflows for the distribution of patents in the company
  • the possibility to tag patents and/or to assign them to the in-house folder structure as a basis for the strategical patent work
  • the definition and implementation of individual tasks including evaluations and comments designed for the different work flow levels
  • the possibility to assign permissions serving the protection of the data as well as the specifically adjusted display of information
  • a professional tool for the analysis of results
  • an easily useable web based tool with less functions for the viewing of data and quick grasping of the most important content for users in R&D
  • reminders/Notifications
  • automatic update of your patent data content

and much more

Our new monitoring architecture does not only enable you to create ideal search filters and methods for the continuous improvement of the results, but also provides diverse possibilities for distributing,  structuring, commenting and evaluating the patents in the company. Set workflows with different tasks, evaluation levels and comments are available as well as the spontaneous formation of teams for task processing. An intelligent permission management controls the data access and protects you from unwanted accesses.

Modern applications with different scopes regarding their features adjusted to the knowledge of the user groups like R&D or the patent department provide great acceptance among the users in the company.

Our sophisticated permission management and a user friendly administration tool, with which you are able to configure the entire system by yourself – from creating a new user to defining your own workflows – gives you the freedom to set up the system tailored to your requirements.


Should you require any help, our support team is available with competent and fast advice.

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